American Language Center
Upgrading Human Resources
Indonesia’s Globalizing Advance
Komplek Perkantoran Pejaten Blok 5
Jl. Pejaten Raya Kav. 2
Jakarta Selatan 12510
Tel: (021) 7917 0607/08
Fax: (021) 7918 8910

American Language Center of Jakarta is an Indonesian owned and managed training organization which provides specific and technical language instruction for government departments, banks, agencies, and the commercial and indutrial sectors.


Building English Skills
Within Your Organization

Augmenting efficiency, vitality, focus – all these are dependent on communication skills: employees and management need to be able to handle spoken and written English in order to compete and succeed. English skills become especially important as Indonesia opens to new markets and sharpened international competition.

Language upgrading is our specialty, and American Language Center staff have been serving major clients in Indonesia since our predecessor company was set up in 1982. A brief study of our attached Client List will reveal the calibre of organization that has contracted us to improve employee English skills.

Our staff consists of serious, highly-trained individuals, experts in their fields, armed with several decades of modern language training. Our approach is eminently practical, as we work together with current or prospective clients to create language training that is precise and appropriate to their particular needs.

Whether you represent a large government organization or a small enterprise, you can be sure that we will design and deliver the appropriate and precise type of English-language training best suited for your purposes.

Our Role in Your Business Development

Accurate English communication plays a vital role in areas such as transportation, international joint ventures andenergy development.

ALC has contracted for its language development services across the Indonesian archipelago (including service to major energy companies) with an array of consistent, reliable courses for their particular needs. Areas of interest have included:

Government administration

  1. Oil & gas exploration and development
  2. The medical profession
  3. Banking & Finance
  4. Multinational businesses
  5. Security and law enforcement

Public and Project Language Training with
Professional Native-Speaker
and Indonesian National Instructors


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